Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Big Day Tomorrow

The four-day kayak class starts tomorrow. We are headed for knarly water. Mike's nervous.

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  1. Saturday and Sunday look like they will be fun :)

  2. read your email, the curmudgeon offers choices...

  3. Y'all give Tom and Michael and Lance a big run for their money. Tom, in particular, gets a kinky charge out of students flinging paddlefuls of Georgia mud upside his head- says he passes everyone that has the gonads to do such a thing--try it out! Cheers------------

  4. You're right Kevin. And speaking of kinky charge, I believe that Tom also loves to be tasered - another auto-pass option for you geezers ...

    Or, maybe even pull out you stream machines for a good soaking!

    Just trying to be helpful.