Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Things are slow...

With Geezer Al away and the weather back to rotten, things are a little slow, but I thought I'd try to lighten things up a bit...

One geezer said to the other “I just bought a new hearing aid. It cost me four thousand dollars, but it's state of the art. It's perfect.”

“Really,” answered his buddy. “What kind is it?”


That's all for now!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Put the Geezer Villa to bed - for NOW

Hated to do it, but the threat of heavy rain in the next few days caused me to put the camper down for a while. Fridge fixed (I hope!) new door on one of the cabinets and a little cleaning. Next time I pop it up will be to stock up for the 2010 Geezer World Tour (OK - Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia - OUR WORLD!)

Geezer Al came over last night and we booked flights for the Geezettes to meet us for a week or so mid-tour! Plans are coming together quite nicely!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Working on the Geezer Freezer!

It finally got above 32 degrees for the first time an quite a while and the Geezers thought it would be a good time to break open the travelin' homestead. There were a few little fixes to play with and a major one - getting the refrigerator working again. Can you imagine a Geezer trip with warm beer? Didn't think so. A new fridge costs $500+, so we tried to fix it.

Anyhow, we shoveled the snow off the roof and cranked up the top (why they call it a pop-up is beyond me. It don't "pop" up in any way, shape or form!) The malfunctioning refrigerator came out pretty easily and following the instructions on the Pop-Up Portal (http://www.popupportal.com/) we performed a procedure to get the ammonia based coolant back where it belongs. It was a highly technical and complex procedure, but we Geezers are resourceful(and cheap cusses) Following Geezer Al's reading of the internet site, Geezer Mike removed the fridge, turned it upside down for 24 hours, turned it back upright and plugged it in. Whew! Time for a drink.

Thank God that Al Gore invented the internet!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Planning, Planning, Planning


We can't be as free-wheeling as we were six years ago - we found that out last year! Campgrounds are booking quickly! So, contrary to the Geezer philosophy, we are planning ahead for this year's sojourn.

Plans are still somewhat in flux for the beginning and end of the trip, but we have nailed down the middle. Here is what our plans are so far...

1) Packing the camper & kayaks and leaving from NY on 2/28 or 3/1 - hitting a motel for one night enroute then heading for Gulf Islands National Seashore in Ocean Springs MS for a few nights.

2) From there, a few nights in New Orleans area then...

3) 3/9 - 3/12 St. Josephs Peninsula State Park (Florida Panhandle) then to...

4) 3/12 - 3/15 Manatee Springs State Park (You remember that place from last year, dear reader)

5) 3/15 - 3/21 Long Point County park (near Sebastian Inlet) Our Geezerettes are going to fly down to join us starting on the 16th. While there, we will probably take the obligatory trip to the land of the mutant rat.

6) 3/21 - 3/25 Collier-Seminole State Park (SW coast - Marco Island area)

7) 3/25 - 3/28 - Crooked River SP in St. Mary's GA (Submariner paradise)

8) 3/28 -? Somewhere north of Georgia and south of New York for a couple of days then shooting home by 3/31 or 4/1

If anyone wants to meet up with us along the way.... Chime in!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Geezers Gonna Go

OK folks - Geezer Al and I are sitting on his couch, beer at the ready, maps and computers poised for action - Yup, the Geezers are going south again. We are thinking of March this time. About 4 weeks worth. A shorter trip for me, a longer trip for Al.

So, if you live south of the Mason-Dixon line, hide your booze and lock up your wimmen! The Geezers are marsheling their forces for another raid on the South!