Friday, January 22, 2010

Working on the Geezer Freezer!

It finally got above 32 degrees for the first time an quite a while and the Geezers thought it would be a good time to break open the travelin' homestead. There were a few little fixes to play with and a major one - getting the refrigerator working again. Can you imagine a Geezer trip with warm beer? Didn't think so. A new fridge costs $500+, so we tried to fix it.

Anyhow, we shoveled the snow off the roof and cranked up the top (why they call it a pop-up is beyond me. It don't "pop" up in any way, shape or form!) The malfunctioning refrigerator came out pretty easily and following the instructions on the Pop-Up Portal ( we performed a procedure to get the ammonia based coolant back where it belongs. It was a highly technical and complex procedure, but we Geezers are resourceful(and cheap cusses) Following Geezer Al's reading of the internet site, Geezer Mike removed the fridge, turned it upside down for 24 hours, turned it back upright and plugged it in. Whew! Time for a drink.

Thank God that Al Gore invented the internet!

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