Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello NOLA!

Another day of driving - a little over 1700 miles so far since Monday morning. Today we went from the Florida Panhandle through Mississippi to darling NOLA, the Big Easy, New Orleans, LA!

After breakfast, we got on the road and hightailed it to Gautier, MS to investigate a kayak from Craigslist so that we could round out our cartop collection to a nice neat 4 boats. The kayak was a little long in the tooth and a bit worn, but the price was right and we loaded her up. Had a nice chat with the owner, Stacy, her son, her two granddaughters and their ferocious guard dog.

New Kayak (on left)

We did not catch the puppy's name - we'll call him "Killer"

We celebrated our acquisition with lunch in Ocean Springs, MS and took the coastal route into New Orleans. The scenery was great with lots of wildlife and interesting signs and people.

We got to Bayou Segnette State Park in time to set up camp before dark. Neat park with nice new facilities and free wireless internet throught the site. We could have take the opportunity to go into Bourbon Street, but instead chose a quiet dinner, some grocery shopping and a early night. For all you folks back home - it's 11PM and the temperature is still 68 degrees! Just sayin!

Superdome Out The Window

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  1. You look like you could eat that little dog! Ha! So ferocious!