Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On the way

Leaving Snow Country

OK folks, this is going to be short since this Geezer is a bit road weary.

Snow, sleet and rain delayed our departure this morning so we didn't actually hit the road till 10:15. We had our first Oh S%!# abour 20 miles down the road when we discovered that the hub covers we replaced on the trailer during preparation had fallen off! Luckily, we were at the Coxsackie entrance to the thruway where there was a huge RV dealer. $5 and a borrowed rubber mallet and we got on our way! We had flurries down the Thruway, then it cleared in NJ, changed to sleet in Delaware & Maryland, rain in Virginia then clearing just south of DC.

After 14 hours of driving, a thermos of coffee and a Mexican dinner we made it to 2:00AM and gave up the battle. We are holed up in a motel room in St. Paul, NC ready to hit the road again in the morning. I just checked the weather back home and saw that it was 9 degrees! Well, even at 2:00AM it is 64 here! Just wanted to rub it in a little.

Tomorrow, Talahasee FL then across the panhandle till we get sick of driving! Talk to y'all soon!


  1. Great blog, Mike and Al. I'll be following your adventures. May they all be happy and safe ones!

  2. I love the decal on the car - I saw it while I was heading out this weekend. Very nice! :o)