Friday, February 25, 2011

Travels to Oil Country

Wanting to see some of the most southerly reaches of Louisiana, today we drove down to Grande Isle. This long and winding road goes through some of the southern parishes of the state, and past Exxon and Chevron operating bases for Gulf oil drilling. Even the old guys fishing along the bayous had shiny new pickup trucks. Driving by in the old Geezermobile with 130K on it, the oil influence was quite apparent.

Grande Isle State Park beach - note tracks from oil spill crews

How to jack up your single-wide - Grande Isle style

The only evidence of the BP oil spill was the closed beach at Grande Isle State Park. Truck tracks all along the shore were from oil patrols, we guessed. Dolphins were actively feeding in the tidal rips along the shore, as were flight formations of Brown Pelicans. We've heard reports of dead baby Dolphins washing up on the Gulf beaches, but overt signs of damage were hard to see.

Returning to Westwego, a stop at the nearby fish market netted us a pound of fresh wild-caught shrimp from Grande Isle. To this we added a little garlic, butter, EVOO, parseley, lime and penne. Not bad for Geezer chefs.

Starving on our own cooking again...

It's getting cool as we write at 10:00 PM and we're thinking of putting on some long pants. It sure beats the 10 inches of wet snow they got at home today.

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  1. Good to see you two are taking in nurishment along the way and haven't been eaten by gators or sharks! You're missing another two feet of snow up here - you bastards!!!! There ought to be a law about escaping from the North Country this time of year.