Monday, March 7, 2011

Dinner with Friends and on To St. Joe's

Saturday was a not-so-great weather day, so we toured a couple of nature preserves, then went north to Lucedale, where Ken and Jen live. Their kind invitation to dinner was most welcome, as the walls of the Geezer trailer where starting to close in on us. The drive was eventful, with torrential rain and close lightning - no chance to count between flash and crash, they came at the same time. We felt the thunder along with hearing it!
Jennifer and Kenny - and the Christmas Tree

Dinner was great and the company better. Kenny even gave Mike and Al each a turn with his Red Rider Commemorative BB rifle. Tin cans in the back yard were the only casualties. A big thanks go to this great couple for making our time is Ole Miss very nice.

Sunday we wrapped up the camper and hit the road for Florida. Six hours or so later, we set up the rig at St. Joseph's Peninsula State Park. After a cold night, we hiked the shore and paddled on the bay. Cormorants, loons, buffleheads, shorebirds and pelicans kept us company - but no dolphins, yet.

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