Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Strike Three for Hanna Park Campground

Bummed-out Geezers are reporting in from Atlantic Beach, FL. Our first day of ACA Kayak Instructor training went well, but on return to the campground, we find there is no water. It's not expected to be fixed for some time - so, two port-a-johns for 300 campsites, and they are a quarter mile from our site.

This is the third strike for Hanna. On our arrival two days ago, the power was out. Then we discovered the thousand or so dead fish in the lake next to us (a low oxygen kill, we hear). Now this. A nice woman in our class invited us back to her motel room for showers - we are forever in your debt, Suzanne!

Char says bad things come in threes - let's hope it's now over.

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