Thursday, March 24, 2011

A successful day!

OK, maybe the campground hasn't been the most successful part of the trip - We returned last night to find the power still out (which, by the way puts the toilets out of commission because they are electric automatic flush!!) But, at 11:30 we heard a collective cheer from the campers, because we had lights again! Not to worry, the city of Jacksonville's prize campground still had one more trick up it's sleeve - the power was out again when we woke up this morning! So, no coffee, no shower, and a full day of demonstration, evaluation and testing in our kayak instructors course.

Robin watches Rene prepareing to get underway - destination Montreal
From that point, however, things went pretty well for the Geezers! When we arrived at the park where our course was being taught, we had a chance to say goodbye to a chap we met yesterday - an adventureous soul sailng his Hobie Kayak with outriggers from the Everglades to Montreal. Neat guy with plenty of adventures to share on his blog ( We look forward to catching up with him as he comes up the Hudson in a couple of months.

The kayak training was great - a wonderful experience. Geezer Mike is now a certified and officially blessed American Canoe Association Level One Kayak instructor and with a few more things to perfect, can change his conditional level 2 certification into a permanant one! He is really psyched! Geezer Al has 2 more days of training, shooting for a level 3 certification - while Mike enjoys kayaking without the pressure to perform demanded by the course. The two instructors we have had are phenominal, professional and just fun to be around! Thanks Tom and Rick.

Instructor Trainer Tom Nickels with Mike
and Suzanne
The day was capped off as we left the final evaluation session and spotted what looked like an Irish pub! A rarity in thes parts! We hustled back to the campground to find we had electric, water and hot showers all at the same time! Unbeliveable!!!!!! We almost didn't leave the campground, wanting to enjoy the comforts of home, but the lure of Guinness was just too strong - especially on a day to celebrate. We arrived at Culhanes Irish Pub to find, not only Guinness, but Shepards Pie, Bangers and Mash, the bartender was a gregarious guy who had lived in the Saratoga area for a while AND (Get ready!) FREE WIRELESS INTERNET! Geezer heaven!

Everything goes better with a Guinness!
A good as the pint tasted, Al has two more days of body bashing coming, so we will say goodbye for now.


  1. Congratulations on one certification, and we look forward to hearing of success for Al. Add the Guinness and modern plumbing, and it all sounds so civilized. I can recall walking sixteen miles through the snow, uphill, both ways, when I was in kindergarten, dreaming of free wireless internet access. Keep hope alive for those of us visited by forecasts below freezing.

  2. It was great meeting you guys. I hope to see you again in NY somewhere. Nice work with the Canon G11. I like the second picture!

    René Potvin

  3. Thanks, Rene - Canon downsized to 10 MP, and it works well. Good luck with your trip, and call when you get close to Albany. There is a bed and shower, if you like. We'd enjoy paddling along with you, though we might not keep up.

  4. @ Michael - Thanks for all the responses. Should be home middle of next week - perchance a whiskey?

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