Thursday, March 10, 2011

Free Margos, Sleeping on the Wet Spot, and missing Airport

Bet that got your attention, didn't it? Well its all true - so read on.

After posting last night's blog post at the laundramat, we took the ladies to their last dinner in sunny Florida (More on that later). We hit a Mexican place called "Peppers" that happened to be celebrating their anniversary, so they offered FREE Margaritas!!!! Not just your typical little, watered down concoction, but a full fledged margo by the pitcher! And the waiter kept them coming! The food was great (we think) and we topped it off with a couple of orders of fried Ice Cream that were large enough to feed 6 of us!

We needed the reinforcement because we returned to the campsite in a full fledged squall line with high winds, torrential downpours and frequent lightning & thunder. The camper held up OK to the punishment, but leaks were developing along some of the tent seams. The matrasses got a bit soaked and the camper rocked and rolled in the storm till well after midnight! This morning, we mopped up, packed up and brought the ladies on their next step of the adventure - to the airport at Panama City.

On the windy St. Joe's Beach after the storm
After an hour and 20 minute ride, the GPS led us directly to the airport - which was CLOSED!!!! Not closed because of weather or mechanical malfunctions but closed, period! Thank you Garmin! The first clue should have been the conspicious absence of cars in the parking lot or the lack of signs leading us in. We pulled up to the terminal building and were met by a 120 year old security guard who said the airport had been moved about 1/2 hour drive away! Damn good thing we were early. The only directions to the new airport were on a faded sign - we hastilly made our way to the new airport, got the ladies there on time for their flight, said our goodbyes and POOF! We were magically Geezers again!

What the...? Thanks Garmin and AAA map!
The Geezer magic continued when we made our way to Regans Pub and Oyster Bar for dinner (Raw $8/doz and baked oysters $9/doz, grilled shrimp $9/doz and a beer or four $2.25/pint) and get this - free internet access! GEEZER HEAVEN! (we had to stop in honor of Geezer Al's new daughter-in-law, the lovely Jill Regan).

It's a dive, but the oysters were mighty fine!
Beer $2.25 a pint, and free wireless.
Tomorrow we bid farewell to St. Joe's Pennsula and head to Homossa Springs for a couple of days before continuing on to the NW Everglades. The Geezers are back!

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  1. I am envious. It sounds like you are having a fantastic time. Sorry to hear the ladies had to come back and face the snow after a fabulous time with the Geezers. I think you and Al should write a book or at least an article on the best oyster bars. Be safe and enjoy the rest of your trip. Cathy