Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good Birds - Camper Trouble

Two life birds for Al in one day! As a long-time birder, this does not happen often. We got up early and were among the nest trees for the Red-cockaded Woodpeckers by early light. These endangered woodpeckers feed in small bands, communicating as they go. They roost in the group of 8 or so trees where nest cavities have been made by researchers. The band of 8 or more birds came out as scheduled and started feeding in the tree tops around us.

Late in the afternoon, we'd arrived at Manatee Spring State Park, set up the trailer, and launched the kayaks on the Swannee River. Right after launch, Mike spotted a large wading bird along the far shore and Al quickly ID'ed it as a Limpkin – new bird #2.

With good things can come some bad. The power outlets in the camper failed this morning, for reasons yet unknown. We are roughing it with an extension cord run from the campground hookup up through the canvas of the trailer – not so bad, says Al. Mike is still p___ed off and vows to figure out the flaw. As we get ready for lights-out, the stars are amazing overhead and the Barred Owls are hooting up a storm.

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  1. Beware the screams of the Limpkin. They are very loud and ear piercing to the point of painful if you get too close.

    Cool that you saw one. Florida is the only place I have seen them too.