Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday and Friday - 2/27-28

The day began with an unexpected drop-in visitor. A hot air ballon made an unexpected landing in Lake Louisa State Park!

One part of the Geezer journey is over, another begins. Al left today after a great two weeks paddling; birding and just acting Geezer-like (See the post on what defines a Geezer). Kathy arrived within an hour and a half of dropping Al at the airport – I didn’t even have time to get lonely!

Geezerette and I took a walk around one of the lakes at the campsite and then cleaned up for a great dinner at Devenneys Irish Pub where we had some wonderful beef & Guinness Pie, Potato and Leek soup, and Bangers and Mash. To top it off there was some very nice live Irish music by a husband & wife duo called “Shamrocks in the Wind”. Brought a tear to the old Geezer’s eye.

Today, (Friday) after a walk around the lake and a nice breakfast and some reading, we broke camp and moved to a KOA about 30 minutes away! Aside from the very expensive price tag ($60/night) it seems to be a nice place, heated pool, game room and actual trees! It has wireless internet throughout the campsite (I’m at the picnic table right now) and LOTS OF HUGE motorhomes – makes my 11 year old pop-up trailer look like a begger at the queens ball. Kinda like it that way, but that's the geezer in me.


  1. Wireless in the campground? Can't be much fun - not like parking by closed libraries or behind motels, using their internet....

  2. It's a sacrifice, but I'll suck it up and tarry on!