Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Al Turns Into Pumpkin Tomorrow

Geezers Composing Blog Updates

Geezers reluctantly packed up the trailer and departed Highlands Hammock, heading to the Orlando area. It's nearly the end for Geezer Al – flying back home tomorrow, back to the cold weather, but also the warm company of his wife, Char.

Paddling friend Pete Devitt sent a note to Al yesterday, and we hope he does not mind our sharing:

Hey Alan,

I've been following your blog.
I'm jealous.
There was freezing rain Sunday.
It was cold again today.
I saw a Robin today.
Dead and frozen.
You are paddling on salt water.
I'm paddling on chlorinated water.


1 comment:

  1. Pete "Whiney' Devitt. 'nuff said. I'm on the Delmarva where there is plenty of non-chlorinated open water, but I'm stuck in meetings in a hotel all week. I did see a flock of 2,000 snow geese and Bald Eagle on the way down. Went to see the Canvasbacks last night, but it was pretty dark, so only got to see four fairly close. Maybe I'll get a chance to check them out tomorrow.