Friday, February 13, 2009

A Night at the Home Bar

After paddling in the hot sun all day in Okefenokee Swamp and treating ourselves to a great seafood dinner, we stop at our favorite local bar (right outside the campsite gate). The Bloody Bucket (a motorcycle reference) is the local high-brow nightspot. A few games of pool were played, after one of the local Navy guys showed us the secret of the busted pool table - reach your hand into the slot under the table and snag the lever with your finger and lift. That lets the balls drop. We either need some pool practice, or need to drink more.

From our trip four years ago, we expected nothing but Harleys and pickup trucks to be parked at the bar. This time, there was even a Prius! The place may be going yuppie on us...

1 comment:

  1. Sheesh, all you got was a few beers and a pool game?

    When N. Bishop went through St Mary's in his paper canoe (1874) this was his welcome:

    "The mayor and his friends received me upon
    the veranda of the hotel with kind words of
    welcome. Bright lights glimmered at this
    moment through the long avenue of trees, and
    music arose upon the night air. It was a
    torchlight procession coming from the river, bearing upon a framework structure, from which hung Chinese lanterns and wreaths of laurel, the little paper canoe. The Base-ball Club of the city, dressed in their handsome uniform, carried the "Maria Theresa," while the sailors from the lumber fleet in the river, with the flags of several
    nationalities, brought up the rear."