Monday, February 23, 2009

Small World, Again

After buttoning up the trailer electronics, we chat with kayak-builder Walt Clark of Binghamton, who stopped as he biked by our campsite, seeing the kayaks. Turns out that he's friends with Chuck Newland of Slingerlands who got Al started kayaking and he paddled the Susquehanna Sojourn with Al's friend Dan Mehlman. More small-world happenings.

The Geezers finally got going around noon (bright and early on Geezer birding time), heading a short way northeast to some of the wilder Florida scrub lands. The Avon Park Air Force Reserve recreation area was closed (apparently the open days are a military secret). Instead, we drove and hiked through some of the nearby Lake Wales Ridge State Forest. This is the highest ground in the state – 300+ feet in elevation. Our ears popped!

What a neat but dry and deserted place – pines, palmetto and live oak. Saw a few birds, but still no Florida Scrub Jays. Back to camp tonight for pasta and to try some “Land Shark” beer.

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