Thursday, February 12, 2009

On the Road - Finally

The geezers at the start of the venture, and Chincoteague sunset.

Drove until 1:30 AM - reporting from Americas Best Value Inn in Fayetteville, NC ($50 a night for 2 and not worth a penny more). Making things up as we go – we started at 6:00 AM yesterday morning and pointed the Sorrento southward.

After a stop at the McD's on the Thruway near Newburg for a bite of breakfast, we decided to do the rest of the trip without eating at any chain food places. Last trip south, we realized how the US is becoming the same everywhere, with the proliferation of the chains – McD's, Burger King, Chili's, Hardee's, Arby's, Staples, Home Despot, etc.

We'll see if we can make this resolution stick. Lunch was at a the Harvest Diner on the Delmarva Peninsula – soup, grilled cheese and tomato, fries and cole slaw for $3.95! Dinner at 9:30 PM was at Joe's Pizza & Pasta Palace – we found it on the GPS and called ahead to order. So much for supporting the “little guy”, day one.

The sun got warm while we drove down Rt. 113 – toyed with turning on the A/C, but did not. Side trip of the day was to Chincoteague Nat. Wildlife Refuge. We birded, walked a trail and stopped at the beach. Highlights: wild ponies, Tundra Swan, Great Egret, Winter Wren, No. Pintail and No. Shoveler. By this time the wind was ripping and the temp had dropped, so many things were laying low.

Off to Crooked River State Park on the coast in St. Mary's, GA today.

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  1. Well, you're in one of the submarine "capitals" of the world.

    I hope you didn't run into any of those submariner reprobates -- save yourselves for me!