Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ready to go!

Ready to kick the tires and light the fires. Yep. Ready. Almost. Sort of.

The car is cleaned up, gassed up and the tires checked. Got the tunes selected, the camper packed and most of the car full of stuff.

For those wanting to follow along - here is the plan:

2/11 - Down the coast - motel somewhere when we get tired of driving.
2/12-14 at Crooked River State Park in Southern GA, then across to
2/14-16 Ochlockonee SP in Florida Panhandle.
2/16-18 Manatee Springs SP (Northcentral Gulf side), then
2/18-22 Highland Hammock SP in Sebring, FL
A couple of undetermined days, campgrounds are hard to come by - then up to the central area,
2/25-27 Lake Louisa SP -
3/26 Al flies home, Kathy flies in for a few days
2/28 - 3/3 (a KOA - blah!) a little southwest of Orlando for some family visiting, and the obligatory visit to Rat World.

Kathy flies home on 3/3

I'm going a taking the show on the road as a solo act. Up the Gulf coast for a couple days in the Florida Panhandle, then Mississippi for a few days to visit the area I was in for Katrina, then New Orleans then up through Tennessee, Kentucky and back to good old (and hopefully by that time - thawed) New York.

Planning to arrive home about 3/13-15 or so.

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