Thursday, February 12, 2009

It might work

I think that the "no-chain" approach may just catch on. Everyone we have talked to about it likes the idea. We have really found some pearls! Good food, friendly people and great prices. Just think - If everyone supported their local small business man or woman, more $ would stay in the local area, more jobs for people already suffering from the big, multinational corporations.

Barak? You paying attention?


  1. Hey Mike,
    I'm pretty sure Char said Al would like this.

    GA) Timeless Beauty. 1991 Nordkapp classic, VPC-UK. Intermediate-experienced paddlers (no rudder/skeg). Unique start: Mellow yellow deck; white hull, built at the end of mold. This Nordkapp ended with 21.5" beam. LOA:17'10". Has seen me through ocean inlets and intracoastal paddling. Gelcoat hull and reinforced fibreglass repairs-2007. Rides dry and fast. Appreciate this grand dame of sea kayak legend for $650.


  2. I'm sure Mike would not mind carrying this gem on his Kia for the next 4+ weeks, eh?