Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday Feb 19 - Much Better!

Chili, here we come!

Much better day, though not much activity. In the morning we discovered that the trailer lights (brake, turn etc.) were not working. After a little poking around, Mike found a loose screw (other than those in his head) and voila! Lights and some battery charging as we drive! Victory #1.

Only 2 minutes after packing up and getting on the road – a heavy rain started. Victory #2.

Driving through a very remote part of the state, we come across the ultimate in SansChain eating – A biker bar called the Eagles Nest with a sign boasting “Homemade Chili”. A quick U-turn and we are in this little joint with a gruff barmaid, bathrooms that could only entered from the outside (through the rain) and a huge bowl of some really great chili – once you added some hot sauce! Victory #3.

We beat the rain to Melbourne and set up in Long Point Park – and are greeted by Wood Storks (walking through the campground) and a spot to launch kayaks on the Indian River right at our site. Victory #4.

Friendly Wood Stork walks through campground

That evening we went to Vero Beach to meet up with Mike’s friend Don Croteau and attend a viewing of a documentary on the Tuskeegee Airmen of WW2 and hear from one of the legendary flyers himself! Great show and a good time with Don having some chicken wings and a bubbly beverage afterwards. Victory # 5.

Hey – 5 victories in a day is a record to be proud of – especially for geezers going south!

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