Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday, March 6 - In search of a Fox Hat

Bill continued the course of Geezer training he started during our sailing adventure a couple of weeks ago with an invigorating 3 hour paddle on the lake chain near his house – complete with the obligatory nap in the mangrove and cyprus forest! That man really has a lot to teach a beginner like me! We got back to the house about 1:00 and I packed up to head north on the next leg of my journey. As I was getting into the car and saying goodbye and thanks to Bill and Lorraine, I mentioned that I was headed to a campground near Two Egg, Florida. The Curmudgeon said “Wear the fox hat” and I set off in search of one.

The trip up Route 19 was fascinating, you really get to see the way Florida was before the snowbird invasion and the rampant development that followed. Open land with dirt-scratch farms and ranches, scattered with small towns and villages full of real native Floridians. Confederate flags flew at county and town facilities.

The solo Geezer stopped for lunch at the Cyprus Grill, a small place near Cross City and had the best hot roast pork sandwich I have ever eaten! Everybody knew each other and their accent was so thick, I couldn’t catch half of the friendly banter between Earl, the cook, Joline my waitress and the 3 other guys sitting at the counter. Everyone said “yessir” when they spoke and it really seemed like it was a way of life, not just awkward politeness. The waitress’s T-shirt summed up the Geezer food philosophy perfectly – “Don’t get caught in a fast food rut - eat with us, it’s good for your gut.” Geezer heaven!

Hit Interstate 10 (which starts in Jacksonville FL and traverses the southern part of the US all the way to California) to bypass Tallahassee and found Florida Caverns State Park just as the sun set. Got the rig set up in about 40 minutes (not bad for solo and tired) wrote the Geezer blog and set off into town to steal an internet connection so I can share my ramblings with all you Geezer followers. I’ll be here for a couple of days, then on to Mississippi.

Signing off from Geezerland

(by the way – if you are still puzzled about the fox hat – search “wear the fox hat” on YouTube – you will soon be enlightened!)

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