Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Paddy's Day

The Tallapoosa River is surely on my "ToDo" list for future Geezer adventures. Lex Brown and his family were great hosts and I really enjoyed their company. They even provided a "Moo - sical" alarm clock each morning.
Note the furry alarm clock in the background

Well, I rained a good part of the night, but by morning, the sun came out. I delayed departure trying to get the camper dry before packing it up for the trip North. About 10:00, I gave up and folded a semi-soggy camper and hit the road for the 7:00 hour trek to the Raliegh, NC area. Much of the trip was on Interstate Highways through Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, but at Mark's suggestion, I took a much more scenic (and direct) route from Charlotte to Cary, NC that was a welcome diversion.

Arrived in Cary about 7:30 PM and joined Mark for a bite to eat and a few beers at a local cafe, before turining in for the night. Being St. Paddy's day, we should have gone to an Irish pub, but they were all packed to the rafters with loud drunks and besides, the important task was catching up on 23 years of each other's lives. That was much easier in a quieter setting.

Beth got home from teaching one of her courses and we sat chatting til just a few minutes ago. Tomorrow, head for Chapel Hill and a little sightseeing.

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