Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March 16 - a washout!

Well, the planned paddle for today is off – it rained buckets all night long and is continuing today. The Tallapoosa River, which Lex assures me is beautiful, looks like chocolate milk in a blender! The normally class 1 water has gained a grade or two and is beyond my abilities, even if I wanted to paddle in a downpour.

As an alternative to a paddle, Lex suggested I might want to climb the highest mountain in Alabama, Cheaha mountain, about 20 miles away. Sounded good to me, but after a twisty mountain drive in the blinding rain and fog, I found myself in the parking lot of the Rangers station – wipers and defroster blasting looking at a spectacular view that approximates the inside of a milk bottle! So I did, the next best thing – stole an IP connection from the ranger and posted to the Geezer Blog! It’s really too bad, because the few quick glimpses of the scenery I did get were truly spectacular! Sounds like justification for another Geezer trip to Alabama.
The ONLY view of the scenery on the way to Cheaha Mountain.

This evening, some dinner and camper cleanout in prep for heading to North Carolina tomorrow and a long overdue (23 years) visit with Mark & Beth Thomson.

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