Monday, March 16, 2009

March 13 & 14 – Nawlins, LA (That’s “New Orleans” for you Yankees)

Solo Geezer spent the morning exploring Bayou Segnette State Park. Very nice place with new facilities, big campsites and free laundry and internet connection. It has some nature trails and recreation areas, but is really quite urban/suburban in nature. It is close to New Orleans, if you are interested in a different kind of wildlife. You can drive into the city, but the park ranger advised me to drive about 6-7 miles to the west bank (which is actually on the east) and take the ferry west across the Mississippi river to the east bank (Don’t make me explain this – I’ll have to hurt you) The ferry takes you Canal Street, right at the start of the French Quarter. The ferry is free, frequent (1/2 hour schedule) and offers a great view of the city on the short ride in. Beats the heck out of trying to find a parking spot for under $25/day!
Bayou Segenette Campsite

I spent the afternoon taking in the culture of the French Quarter (No, really. I did. Honest.) There are some beautiful parks and cafés nestled in the narrow streets of the oldest part of town. It’s all accessible by foot or by taking the trolley or a horse drawn carriage. Quite nice. Of course, I did some souvenir shopping and had a great time looking at t-shirts with Katrina oriented messages on them. My favorites… “New Orleans, established 1769. Re-established August 29, 2005” and, “FEMA Evacuation Plan – Run, Bitch, Run!” After some shopping and touring, I hopped the ferry to bring packages back to the car, then caught the same ferry back again for dinner and socializing in the myriad bars and clubs on Bourbon Street. Fresh oysters and Cajun food at a place called Jesters seemed in order. Yum. Hit the street for some people watching and following a St. Patricks Day warm up party parade. Beer was flowing, music blasting, beads being thrown and thousands of drunks all combined for another case of sensory overload. I stopped in a couple of the quieter clubs to hear some good Dixieland, jazz and blues being played to an appreciative crowd, then headed to the ferry arriving at the campground before midnight. I know – yes, the geezer is getting old (or smart!) Jackson Park, NO

The next day brought rain – not just a drizzle, but a downpour for most of the morning. I donned a bathing suit and flip-flops to pack the car and get the camper ready for folding down. A brief break around 12:30 gave me time to wipe the water from the tent sections and fold up the camper for the trip northeast – yep, the geezer is headed home. Still have a few adventures along the way, but starting to look forward to seeing geezerette.

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