Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hard Paddling and Easy Living

Well, this Geezer missed the moderating influence of Geezer Al. I launched the kayak for a "little paddle" this afternoon. When you are paddling alone, there are a few things you should never say to yourself...

1) This looks pretty simple, I don't need a map.
2) That island doesn't look that far.
3) I wonder if the tide is coming in or going out?
4) Those are just little whitecaps.

I launched from the national seashore and poked around Davis Bayou for a while. But I wanted to see some of the Katrina damage on the barrier islands and so struck out for Deer Island. Unfortunately, one of the problems Katrina caused is the formation of a silt island that has a little vegetation and little else right in line with the path to Deer Island. So... an extra half mile and a drag through the weeds finally got me to the bay.

The waves were at 1 to 2 feet and running 90 degrees to my path. Lots of weathervaning and more than a little cursing. The way out, I fought the waves and wind - but I also had the same problem on the way back! Deer Island is interesting. It still has trees on the Biloxi end, but as you go east, you can see where the trees were sheared off mid trunk due to the the force of the winds during the storm. A little farther out, the hurricane breached the island, clearing an area about 1/2 mile wide and opening water channels where there had been dry land. Pictures coming later.

After a 5 hour paddle in the hot sun and winds, I made it back to the campsite to have a quick shower and meet Ken Flanagan and his lovely bride Jennifer, for a dinner that was out of this world at a brand new seafood restaurant in Moss Point called Rachel's Widow Walk. Right on the water, it provided an excellent backdrop for lots of fun conversation with old friends and the occasional song or story from Sam, the owner of the restaurant.

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  1. Wow, Geezer Mike is really getting into the paddling, now four weeks on the road. Be careful out there....