Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hard Days in Geezerville!

Kathy reads on Sunday Morning

Mike and Kathy, Debbie and "Big John"

Keeping up with the traditional "Geezer pace" we had an exhausting day yesterday. Got up around 8:00, had breakfast, swam in the heated pool (only good thing about a KOA vs. a state park is all the goodies) then took a walk around the campground to look at the oversized and quite magnificent rigs.
Later, Geezerette and I went to the Clearwater area to visit friends John & Debbie Doyle ("Big John" is son Thomas's godfather) where the pace quickened considerably. We drove to Woody's - a great little waterside pub for lunch and a drink and heard some guy play piano and sing. He was great. From there, we drove to Indian Rocks Beach for a stroll along the surf and a pre-dinner cocktail at Crabby Bills. Back to John & Debbies for a wonderful steak dinner and lots of catching up on the past XXX years (don't want to tell you how long!) It was really great seeing the two of them and we really enjoyed their hospitality.

Back to the campsite around midnight - Whew!
Today, a cold front is pushing through with high winds (30 mph+) and thunderstorms expected. I'm sitting in the camper as the canvas bellows and pops and the rain is beginning - but I just checked the Albany weather - and it's still better than home. So I guess we will relax in the camper for a while then make a long overdue visit to Mike's brother, Gerry and his lovely wife Carol.
That all from Geezerville for now.

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  1. What a concept! Bringing your own wimmen on a kayaking/camping trip...

    Cuts down on all that haggling, gear and booze swapping...