Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5 -

The day finally felt like Florida. Warm & sunny. Unfortunately it was also the day Kathy had to head home to the artic north. Bummer – Geezerette was really getting into the laid-back life style.
We went for a final kayak trip around the islands near the campsite and spotted a few dolphins and a ray. It was really amazing how shallow the water was throughout the bay by Sebastian’s Inlet. What a great little campsite Long Point was – launch the kayaks from the camper! As afternoon approached, we packed up camp and made the 2 hour trip to Orlando Airport for Kathy to fly home. Way, way too short!
Geezer Mike is now officially a solo act. How weird it was to drive away from the airport with an empty right seat. For the past three weeks, I have been no further than 3 feet in the car and 12 feet in the camper away from either Al or Kathy. Gonna take some getting used to.
Drove another 2 hours to Hernando, the home of Bill (the Old Curmudgeon) and Lorraine Whalen. After a few minutes of chat, Bill and I headed out in search of a burger and a beer. Found both, in fact many of the latter, as we patrolled all 5 pubs (including the Elks Club) in this bustling burg. After sufficiently drowning my sorrows at being a solo act, I slept in the first real bed in over three weeks – felt great.

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