Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tuesday & Wednesday March 3 & 4

My fears about Kathy not adapting to the Geezer lifestyle were unfounded. She fits in fine. Yesterdays move to Long Point went fine and after setting up on our waterfront site in the cold gale (high 50’s and 30 MPH winds) we went for a walk at the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge – the first NWR in the U.S. Didn’t see anything worthy of note, but had fun anyway. In return for being a good sport, Mike made pork chops, rice and a salad for dinner. We had to cook inside the camper – damn winds kept blowing the stove out!

Wednesday dawned with a fair breeze and sunshine. After morning coffee & tea we ventured out in the kayaks for our first paddle of 2009. Geezerette was using Al’s kayak, a narrow sporty rocket compared to the tub that Kathy is used to paddling – no problem here either. After about 30 seconds, she discovered the joy of paddling a boat that is 25 pounds lighter and much sleeker than her kayak – she left Mike in the dust (or spray?). We explored the islands near the campsite and followed dolphins as they competed with pelicans for breakfast. After an hour or so, our own breakfast called and we headed to the local joint for an excellent brunch.

That afternoon, a little camp cleanup, laundry and another paddle before cleaning up to meet friends Don & Susan for dinner at a great local place called Captain Hirams for about 20 years of catching up! Great to see them and a fitting end to a relaxing day in Geezerland.


  1. Glad to hear that my replacement is holding up the high standards of geezerdom! Now Mike will see how he does as a solo act...

  2. Mike, I've been following your excellent blog at the invitation of your nephew (hope you don't mind) You mention you'll be travelling thru Florida's Panhandle and Mississippi before reaching your final destination, Louisiana. There's another state you must go thru that you've left out of your itinerary, one that most people don't associate with being on the Gulf of Mexico: Alabama. Otherwise known as the Redneck Riviera! ...Carol

  3. Al: Don't worry about Mike being off on his own. He stopped in Citrus County last night and saw the sights. Believe me, he's ready to spend some time alone now. Maybe he'll be able to reflect on his past behaviors and straighten out his act....

    Then again, if he does, all my curmudgeonly guidance will have been for naught...