Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going, Going, Gone Geezer

This will be mercifully short. The Geezer is staying at a motel (WTF!!!!) in Harrisburg, PA. Had a quiet morning at Mark & Beth's with a chance to chat with each of them before they left for work. Took I-85 to I-95 North - Super heavy traffic on 95 even an hour south of DC, so headed west and cut on back roads following my darling Jill's instructions through some very pretty country to Gettysburg, PA.

Home tomorrow - and the end of a saga (except for cleaning the (*&%$*(&*^)*&%$ camper out!

Thanks to all our followers - Geezer Al, Geezerette Kathy, all the folks we hooked up with over the past 5 weeks - all have made the trip great. I'll do a final blog post tomorrow, however stay tuned - geezers may return for other adventures - maybe south, maybe north, east or west, you never know!


  1. This is one of my favorite blogs! Please keep writing!

  2. Once I get back to my normal life it will not be too interesting! Hmmm... maybe I can dramatically change my lifestyle.