Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday - A Lazy Day

Geezer Al left me with a little souvenir of his time in the south – the cold he had been nursing while we were together. Sore throat and stuffy head joined forces last night and by this morning I felt lower than a snakes belly button. Got up and decided a little car maintenance was in order and went off in search of an oil change and some breakfast. Found both in Marianna, FL the nearest “real town” to Florida Caverns State Park. Breakfast was at a local diner; Miss Betty’s Griddle, where I had the finest (and biggest) breakfast of the trip so far.
Got back to the campsite about 10:30, did a little cleanup and exploring and then headed to the caverns for a one hour tour, guided by a very knowledgeable and personable volunteer. In the afternoon, my plan was to paddle a little on the Chipola River which flows through the park, but following the example of the Curmudgeon, decided a little nap was in order. 2 ½ hours later, it was too late to paddle unfamiliar waters alone and I reverted to Plan B – read.
Headed out to find some dinner. I was in the mood for seafood, but the combination of the cold and the zinc tablets I've been taking meant that I needed something with a little more kick. I found it at Old Mexico, a new (and somewhat dingy) Mexican eatery where a 5 item combo plate and 2 Negra Modella beers cost lest than $18. The salsa was so hot I didn't even need to juice it up!

Next I'm headed out for a beer. I hear that the NASVIN (North American Society of Visually Impared Nymphomaniacs) is in town for their annual convention. Pulled a left-over pork chop out of the cooler to attract the guide dogs – maybe I’ll get lucky!

Next - Return to Mississippi!

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