Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Geezerly Day

The guys were up early for their first day at Manatee Springs State Park. A pair of Red-shouldered Hawks that are nesting right by the campsite were making a racket, and a Swallow-tailed Kite sailed overhead. Taking a walk to the huge spring nearby, we found 5 manatees lazing in the warm waters. At first they looked like logs, not moving at all. But as we watched, each would rise slowly to the surface to breath once every 5 or 10 minutes, then sink down again to rest. One manatee had a radio transmitter tag that looked like a small blue buoy.
What are these Black Vultures waiting for?

Can you find the Manatees? Note the radio buoy.

After hanging out all our wet clothes and paddle gear to dry, we drove to the village of Suwannee, located on the Gulf right at the mouth of the river. Most homes were elevated on piers, hoping to be above the next flood. Boats were hoisted even higher than living spaces – these folks know what’s important.

Mid-afternoon, we drove south to Crystal River, paying a visit to FOG (friend of geezers) the “Old Curmudgeon”, Bill Whalen. Bill was set up at a Civil War reenactment event, building a small sailing craft of that era. The boat is looking good and is nearly finished.

Old Curmudgeon inspects the lines of his yacht

Later, the three of us stopped at a nice Irish Pub for a pint or two, then dinner at Tugs Restaurant. Great quality food and cheap! Our favorite combination – not to mention the fine company.

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  1. E-mail from home: Last weekend it was really nice and Pete, Jim and I got in a March paddle on the Hudson. We launched at Bethlehem near high tide and and paddled upstream on the ebb and against a NW wind. We went up near the power plant, took a break, went a little farther north, then rode the tide back with the wind pushing us as well. Made for a quick trip back. This weekend it's crappy - coldish and rainy. I did my taxes so I can play guilt free on other nice weekends that are bound to come.

  2. More mail from home:
    I have not done my taxes. I did, however, successfully install a new toilet in my main bathroom. I am now reworking an old dresser as the base for a vanity sink. All of this has nothing to do with kayaking (except that I hope to win enough of a refund from my taxes to buy one particular Bering Sea :P). As a side note, last night Union College lost to Cornell in the ECAC final game 3-0. Sad, but true - unless you are a RED fan....