Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bourbon Street and Rare Birds

The guys survived a visit to Bourbon St. in New Orleans on Thursday night. Good food and great music abounded. We stayed out of trouble, of course. The camping at Bayou Segnette State Park was a bit frosty, with ice on the tents when we turned in at 1:00 AM. Next morning, Alan found an Inca Dove at a bird feeder next to the restrooms - a life bird!

On the way back to Ocean Springs, we paid a repeat visit to Patti and Mike Ryan. Mike spent quite a bit more time with us, and the female Hooded Oriole finally made an appearance at a hummingbird feeder. Another lifer for both guys. Many thanks to the Ryans.

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  1. Somthin' to be said for the old geezers - all that Bourbon St. excitement til the wee hours and still risin' with the birds! Congratulations!