Sunday, March 14, 2010

A little wildlife from Suwannee

Here is our first attempt at a video for the Geezer blog - Hey, you folks deserve the very best! Here is a look at some wildlife around Manatee Springs State Park. Enjoy!


  1. Nice video! A note on the manatees. We had such a cold winter down here that quite a few of these precious creatures died. The water wasn't warm enough for them in their usual habitats, and many died en route in a futile attempt to find something warmer. We also lost quite a few shore birds, mostly adolescent pelicans. These birds died from starvation, as the fish they rely on for feeding went deeper to stay warm. A colony of about 100 were found on Dauphin Island, Alabama along with various other species of birds.

  2. Nice work, Geezers! This was definitely a cool little video - loved the wildlife shots. Seeing those manatees must have been amazing! :)