Monday, March 15, 2010

Well, after a few great nights at Manatee Springs on the Gulf side of Florida, the guys packed up for the move to the Atlantic side of the pennsula - near Sebastian Inlet. But, before we left we met up with Walt Clark from the Binghamton area. We first met Walt last year at Highland Hammock State Park about 200 miles south. It turned out Walt knew our friends Dan Mehlman and the late Chuck Newland - both active canoe and kayak fans. Walt was sad to hear of Chuck's death last month. It's a real small world! This is one of the neatest things we have found in our travels - our ability to connect with folks and the coincidences of who-knows-who!

The 4 hour trip across the state was interrupted by the rude intrusion of quite a few birds. We made a detour through the Three Lakes Wildlife Management area south of Orlando where we picked up Whooping Cranes (endangered species and a "life bird" for the Geezers) Sand Hill Crane, Crested Caracara, and Wood Stork. Not too bad for "windshield birding" complete with EGAD (Erratic Geezer Avian Driving) quick pull overs, 180's and lots of slow driving.
Whoopers at a Distance (far right)

Arriving at Long Point Park near Sebastian, we found our campsite was located next to the only "Spring Breakers" in the whole campsite, complete with rap music, and a huge, very smoky fire. A check with the ranger told us the bad news - no other sites available, and the good news - the kids are checking out tomorrow - just in time for the Geezerettes to fly in for a week or so.

Right now, we are in one of the slimiest, smokiest, most foul-mouthed bars that Geezer Al has ever seen - even Mike puts it in his lowest ten! But they had decent burgers, onion rings and Guinness and offered free internet access (that worked somewhat erratically!)

Some stats at the approximate halfway point in the GGS 2010 tour - 3,376 miles, 14 nights camping, and 128 species of birds. Not too bad for Geezers, right?


  1. Mike, if you're going to do a Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom piece, you've got to get your ass in the water and be petting these Manatees... you know like Jim would do. Al can play Marlin's part that's safely out of the water and out of harm's way! So much more video appeal!

  2. 128 species of birds and manatees! You almost make Florida appealing! Have fun with the geezerettes (we have to find them a better name).
    (posting won't accept my name, so, hi, from mattsmom765)

  3. Make sure you show those Geezerettes a good time!! And give them big hugs for me!! :o)

  4. It's Thursday, I think, has everyone arrived? Is everyone safe? Are they keeping you so busy you don't have time to write?