Friday, March 19, 2010

Sorry for not writing...

Well, folks – the ladies arrive and our blog posting schedule goes all the hell. The reason? We’ve been busy dammit! After our last post from the “pub from hell” we settled into the Long Point campground in Sebastian and proceeded to get the camper ready for the arrival of the wimmen-folk. You know, cleaning out piles of discarded clothing, shoveling the sand from the camper floor, doing dishes. Wimmin-folk like stuff like that.

Geezer Abode (left) at Long Point Park

Tuesday morning arrived and the Geezers headed to Orlando to meet the Geezerettes at the airport. On the way back to the campsite, we stopped by the home of Phil Fibiger, his wife Emily and their 5 week old son Will, who kept the ladies amused while the guys arranged to borrow Phil’s fishing kayak for a few days. It was good to see some folks from home. After loading the boat on the car, we headed back to the coast to introduce the G’ettes to their home for the next few days and a gourmet home cooked meal of pork chops, sweet ‘taters and corn. The only downside to the evening was our contingent of drunk, loud and vulgar kids camped in the next site. They got a polite request for quiet at 11:00 PM, a more stern demand for cooperation at midnight and an up-close and personal visit from Geezer Mike at 3:30 AM! We didn’t get too much sleep that night! Lord, Keep Your arm around my shoulder, and, Your hand over my mouth.

The weather forecast for Wednesday was for some rain and wind so we decided that a trip to the land of the Mutant Mouse (Disney World) and Epcot was in order. Being school break week in some parts of the world, the place was crowded and we had a 90 minute wait for the attraction “Soarin’”. It really is an enjoyable experience, but a real pain in the feet to stand in line that long. The rest of the day we went to attractions that had little or no wait times and were quite enjoyable – and even educational! The World Showcase of Countries on the backside of Epcot was great and Al & Mike toasted St. Patrick with a pint of beer before capping the evening with a great dinner at the 9-Dragons, the restaurant in China’s showplace. It was a long day – we didn’t get back to the campsite till after 11:00.
Four at Epcot

St. Paddy Mouse Day

With a long day behind us, the Geezers and Geezerettes had a well deserved rest on Thursday, starting with a bacon & egg breakfast, some leisurely coffee around the camp, a walk on the beach (complete with nap for Mike) then back to the campsite for some lunch, paddling with the dolphins just 100’ from the camp and a great dinner with Mike’s friend Don Croteau and his wife, Susan Granpierre who live in the Vero Beach area. On the way home we were again reminded how special visits with friends, old and new have become to the Geezer experience.

Geezer Nap in Progress, While the Ladies Watch for Dolphins


  1. Alan: long time listener, first time caller. Were you able to produce that priceless expression beneath the Saint PaddyMouse hat in one take? Well played. -Duck d'Or

  2. FUN! You fellas look so happy in the mouse ears! :)

  3. Yea, there's got to be something I can do with that mouse hat pic! Let's open Photoshop!