Sunday, March 7, 2010

Falling Off the Wagon

Well friends, it had to happen. Here is Mike walking into a Waffle House chain restaurant, a well-known bit of southern culture. In our defense, we only had a waffle, which counts as dessert since it was about midnight. We were there at the invitation of Kenny, who just finished his weekly gig as host/moderator of an "ask a lawyer" call-in TV show. The show had gone badly with technical problems and Kenny needed moral support - how could a Geezer refuse? There - is that enough excuses?


  1. Boooo!
    You could have supported Kenny without eating the food! (i will admit I like their waffles though)
    It also makes sense that a lawyer is to blame for another fallen geezer.

  2. Sounds like the start of a joke:

    A geezer walks into a waffle house.
    "WTF, they must have just moved it...."

    A geezer walks into a waffle house.
    Or maybe he ran in.
    Or maybe it was a waffle hut.
    Or maybe he walked out.
    Maybe he didn't go in at all, maybe he just promised to go in. T
    hen he couldn't decide what he wanted to eat.

    Come to think of it, a waffle house is a perfect spot for a geezer.

  3. Maybe the dunk in the water, waffled his brain.

  4. I say blame it on the lawyer. He bribed the geezers in to the waffle shop with the promise of melt in your mouth waffles, rich with creamy butter, hot maple syrup and fresh fruit. Question is: Did he deliver???

  5. Well - the pecan waffle was good, but there is no real butter around here, and no maple syrup.