Monday, March 29, 2010

The beginning of the end

Well, we got into Myrtle Beach State Park last evening. The park is very pretty with a wide beach and fishing pier within easy walk from the campsite. The campsite is a little tighter than some, not as tight as others, but well appointed and clean. After set-up headed into the "Grand Strand" to explore the closest thing to civilization we have seen in weeks. Hundreds of restaurants, pubs and attractions within a few mile drive. With all those places competing for the tourist dollar, it was just our luck to pick one that excelled in mediocraty. Big Daddy's Roadhouse served watery, tastless chili and an OK tossed salad - but at least it was expensive!
Back to the campground and settled in for a quiet night dreaming of Guinness & Chicken Wings at the Ale House (Get ready, Booie!) About 3:00 AM the skies erupted in thunder, lightning and very heavy rain and Al & Mike found them scrambling to secure windows and vents in the camper - A perfect way to end a very forgetable evening.
An omelette in the making

By morning, the rain turned to a light drizzle so we hauled our sorry arses out of bed, fixed a couple of ham & cheese omlettes and got ready to explore the local waters. We stopped at a very helpful Kayak shop and got directions to the Waccamaw National Wildlife Refuge on the river of the same name. Absolute dead quiet - no human sounds. Gators, water snakes, ospreys galore. Mike pulled out early and Al paddled solo for another hour or so. Mike sat on the banks and engaged in the hard job of watching the river flow by! Whew! That deserved a "Whelan" (nap to you non-geezers).
Paddling the Waccamaw

Ospreys at their nest in a big cypress

Nap, showers and we were ready for diner. Unwilling to make another food mistake we followed the recommendation of a campsite staffer and headed for Murphy's Law Sports Pub. WOW - good food, huge quantities and excellent prices with helpful staff! Gets the GeezersGoSouth 4 paddle award!
Came back to a wet and soggy campground to blog and plot out tomorrows trip to Annapolis, MD for a meeting at Chesapeake Light Craft on Wednesday then back home on Wednesday night. Tomorrow, we stay in a motel - first bed since March 1. Hope we can sleep.


  1. Wish I knew your travels would take you into this region. There's another Whalen there -- in Conway. My brother would have treated you to a drink, maybe a meal, and some NYSP stories...

  2. What a great trip. Well documented and an interesting read.

  3. Geez Bill, I'm not sure we could take another Whalen!

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