Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lazy Day in Mississippi

The Geezers had a pretty lazy day in Southern Mississippi today. After breakfast, we took a walk around the Gulf Islands National Seashore, did some birding and critter watching. We then headed out to a coffee shop to check our e-mails and post to the GGS blog - gotta keep our followers up-to-date, you know.

Back to the campground and Geezer Mike, who has been feeling a little under the weather, crawled into the camper to take a "Whelan" (NEW GEEZER TERM - named after friend, Bill Whalen's ability to take a nap anytime, any place!)

Refreshed, we then headed out to do some more birding and touring the area hit by Katrina - Mike has a special place in his heart for the Hurricane recovery. While driving, we listened to Ken Flanagan's radio show who gave a public welcome to the Geezers over the air. That qualified him to a beer at the Shed - a wonderful Barbeque joint where we had dinner.
Tomorrow - we are going to Pass Christian to scout our some rare birds and then head to New Orleans for a quick overnight and even some rarer birds! More to come.

Best wishes to all the Geezer Watchers out there - be good now!


  1. I was in Pass Christian doing some hurricane cleanup after Katrina. Some of the beautiful mansions along 90 were smashed to bits (as well as the Harrah's casino by the pier) I wonder if any of that has been rebuilt by now? Anyway, go to Sonic for me!

  2. "Under the weather" aye!

    One thing about whalening -- keep your head above water when doing so...

  3. What's with the gator. Were you walking or paddling??