Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heading out

Had breakfast at Coffee Fusion in Ocean Springs, MS before heading to Florida. We have been stealing their internet access from the parking lot late at night to keep the blog up, so we figured we should patronize the shop whenever possible. Not hard for a coffee addict like Mike.

Tough leaving Mississippi. We have some good friends here and Geezer Mike has some strong emotional ties after his Katrina days. Next stop, St. Josephs Pennsula State Park about 30 miles from Panama City in the panhandle of Florida.


  1. I'm gonna be building on the CRBB boat here this weekend...

  2. Geeze, you guys. Hurry up or you'll miss all the nice weather here in central FL.
    Tornados, T-storms, hail, mega lightning strikes, gale force winds....I mean what more could you ask for?

  3. Ha - that makes it sound reeeeeeeally appealing! I think my favorite was "mega lightning strikes". Sounds like some nice weather for paddling and bird watching strolls, huh?