Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Deer Island and a Study in Orange

On Monday morning Al took a solo paddle around Deer Island, about 13 miles. He found White Pelicans, Ospreys and a Seaside Sparrow, along with a Bald Eagle nest (photo) and young eagle perched nearby. Meanwhile, Geezer Mike met up with attendees at a symposium at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory.

Ken was afloat in the afternoon in the biggest, brightest orange kayak we've ever seen. The pelicans were nervous and cast a doubtful eye, but he managed to paddle the four mile round trip to the county boat basin. On the way back, Ken was even more orange, wearing Al's storm parka, but we missed that photo op. Pizza with Ken, Jen and Martha capped off a good day. Thanks to all for their friendship and hospitality. Now the guys push off for the Florida panhandle.

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  1. I wrote my first research paper in seventh grade about the osprey!