Sunday, March 7, 2010

Busy days

Well, dear followers, it has been an interesting time for the Geezers the past couple of days. Here goes...

On Friday night the Geezers had a great dinner at Rachels Widows Walk a fantastic little place on the water in Moss Point, MS. We were joined by Geezer Mike's friends Ken & Jennifer Flanagan from his Hurricane Katrina days) and a couple of friends of theirs - much hilarity ensued with instant comradarie and plenty of good natured banter .... UNTIL the Flanagans invited us to visit Jen's haunted office in the Pascagoula Arts Center - an old train depot where "Floyd" a railroad worker died many years ago! We don't know, but strange things were happening.

Saturday brought the dual adventure of paddling to Deer Island, a barrier beach offshore from Biloxi and Ocean Springs that was very damaged by Katrina. Got a late start, so ended paddling back in the dark and cold to find the battery in the car dead as a cold mackrel. A wait for AAA and a late dinner cooked at the campsite ended the adventures.

Today (Sunday) the Geezers got in the boats for a paddle around Marshy Point - just off the national seashore. Was a great paddle in nice sunshine in the shelter inside the point. On the Gulf side, it was windy and the waves were a little larger -5' according to Mike, foot and a half according to Al. Well, two great things happened! Mike got to swim in the Gulf and Al got to practice his "paddler assistance" moves. We will leave the order of their occurance up to you! Two more good things - Mike CAN do a successful wet exit from the new boat and polarfleece IS warm when wet - just as advertised! A hot shower and shot of bourbon and all is well!

Just finished another great dinner at Rachels. Tonight - Fried Green Tomatoes, oysters, corn, cole slaw, Lazy Magnolia Southern Pecan Beer, Live Music, in house wireless internet and friendly staff - It just don't git no better, y'all..


  1. Amazing what a geezer will do for a shot of bourbon.

  2. Fried Green Tomatoes, oysters, corn, cole slaw, ... is dat what grandpaw said was fer dinner, you guys are in the deep south, you guys are on Hee Haw!